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11/19/22: my statuscafe acc got activated! i added the widget here!

11/14/22: added some buttons and coded a base for the rp archive page! i'm hoping to move everything from my oc server on discord over...

11/11/22: START !

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credits (click me!) background: ggdg
sprites: toby fox + temmie chang
base code: emoticon

my name is bea, and welcome to my website!

with time (and a lot of trial and error), i'd like to turn this into a personal space for all my original characters/artwork, roleplay escapades, and favourite things! for now, though, i'm still learning the ropes of html/css-- so this site will more or less be perpetually under construction.

expect some drastically different aesthetics for my different pages... i'm using this site as a sandbox to teach myself website design!

thanks 4 visiting! if you ever want to contact me, feel free to shoot me a msg on my tumblr!

currently existing pages: roleplay archive

pages to make next: about me (!!!), oc database